2020 California Winter Training Camp

Lex Albrecht riding motorcycles in California, decked out with the Sena Momentum smart motorcycle helmet

For a Canadian girl who loves to ride anything with two wheels, escaping long months of winter every year to train hasn't been much of a hardship. 

This year, again, I'm accumulating base miles in California.  After about a decade doing this routine, I'm slightly older, slightly wiser, and hungry for something different. I've been taking a different approach to traditional early-season preparation: I am including more cross training intensity-efforts, solid rest sessions and I've added tacos to the meal plan.  Coffee routine is the same. Every day. Without fail.

If you're in the 'hood, you'll catch me in my sneakers along the boardwalk path testing out my running skillz.  I've also scouted out the Santa Monica Swim Center for endurance swims; I've never been too open about it, but I've used swimming all through my cycling career as one of the best recovery activities after sitting, coffeeshop-riding, yoga and foam rolling.To start the new decade I'm changing up my gear too.  I'm using the Sena R1 helmet.  The R1 smart helmet has an integrated speaker and mic system.  It hooks up wirelessly to my cellphone and I use it to jam to my favourite hip hop beats while I ride, take calls from my moms (I have one, she's great. But I love Biggie Smalls and that's what he called his. Moms it is. Fan-girling for life.).  I also connect with other riders around me who have the helmet. Connecting with other riders means no more shouting over wind noise (one of the main reasons I've often preferred riding alone... the shouting is draining) and no need to ride side by side to talk.  Wind noise? Sena's roots are in motorcycle communication devices, so they know how to eliminate wind noise like no other.  I've already done a few calls on my helmet, and the person on the other line has been none the wiser.  Gotta love some occasional innocent sneaky-ness...(The newest version, the R1 EVO will also have lights integrated into the back.  For the fellow bike light-forgetter, who never forgets their helmet: problem solved.)


For a Canadian girl who loves to ride anything with two wheels, escaping long months of winter every year to train hasn't been much of a hardship.  But then I fell in love with motorcycling.  My moto never comes with me to winter training camps, it stays in the garage at home. Alone for months and months and months... ("This is why we can't have nice things that require any sort of consistent nurturing." Hashtag: #cyclistproblems.) Let me tell you, there's a strange numbing discomfort that wears on my tender little heart with accumulating sights and sounds of motos passing on the paradisal West Coast roads.

Sena came to the rescue this week and made my dreams come true. Alyssa and Chris came out to Venice for a day and brought me a Yamaha to ride, just like the one I have at home.  Not only that, they carted along a brand new Sena Momentum smart motorcycle helmet which has pretty much all of the same technology as my R1 helmet.  Check out this smile.  You can't fake that.
I got to ride a moto in California, on a February afternoon.  And I'll be riding connected with Sena on ALL of my bikes for the entire year.  If there's a better way to kick off a new season, and a new decade... I don't even care.  My happiness watts tank is full.  Let's ride, let's adventure, let's love, let's live!  The results always follow...

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