Do Coffee Like a Cycling Pro:

I love bikes. I love fun. I also love... coffee. 

Over the years as a cyclist, I've traveled to over 20 countries. I've learned how to win, how to lose, how to keep trying and sometimes how to make the impossible possible.  I've learned how to ask for help and where I might find it, how to give help in return and recognize when it might be needed.  I've learned how to listen to my body, ignore it sometimes, take care of it, and push it past its limits...  The list goes on.

I've also learned the joys of having the right tools to make my favourite drink: coffee.  I now have a nice collection of coffee making tools, and I have a favourite method for pretty much any situation.  Here's some of the gear that I use:

(I included links to all of the products I've mentioned. I'm not getting kickbacks from your purchases, I just want to share the love, and make it easy to find what I'm talking about, if you're interested!)

Espro Ultralight french press:
The night before super early travel days I pregrind my coffee. That may be sacrilegious, but I leave the patented plunger (the best part of ESPRO, if you know you know) out, and twist the top lid on to keep as much fresh air out as possible.  In the morning I just add water and go (and hopefully make my flight).

I’ve also used my Ultralight for long endurance rides in the cold.  I put it in my middle jersey pocket.  The mug itself is so light that it’s actually quite comfortable.  Then I have a warm pick-me-up to enjoy throughout the day on the bike.  Caffeine gels are fine sometimes, but there’s a time and a place...

Bonus: it doubles as a hydration flask.  I still prefer to hydrate with coffee;).

Professional cyclist Lex Albrecht with ESPRO ultralight frenchpress on a bike ride wearing Rudy Project boost helmetLex Albrecht on the California beach girl with ESPRO Ultralight frenchpress travel mug


Kalita Kantan:
These foldable paper pourover filters are my short-trip hotel-stay go-to when hot water in large quantities is a hassle to come by.  I make hot water with the in-room coffee maker, pop a filter over one of the cups, grind coffee with the Porlex, and I’m set.  Japanese innovations. Gotta love 'em.

Lex Albrecht grinding coffee with Porlex Mini Coffee grinder to make pourover with Kalita Kantan drip coffeefilters from Eight Ounce Coffee Supply

Hotel coffee making with Kalita Kantan pourover coffee filters and Keep CupKalita Kantan pourover filter Japanese innovation from Eight Ounce Coffee supply and Lex Albrecht with KeepCup travel mug


Kalita Wave Dripper:
I use my Wave dripper at home and on the road.  It holds more coffee and water than my other pourover options, which means I can make more coffee at once.  But I have to be somewhere with a good sized kettle to make it worth my while. Pro tip: A medium-sized Keep Cup is the perfect size to stash a stack of filters into during travel.

Kalita Wave drip support coffee from Eight ounce coffee supply dripperKalita Wave drip coffee


This is a classic favourite for long trips, because of its versatility and its compact size.  Plus it's popular brew method in the "cycling world", and there's nothing like some early morning Aeropress team-bonding as we do our brews together.  Pro tip: the Porlex Mini grinder fits perfectly inside of the Aeropress plunger which lets you maximize that precious luggage space.

Regular method
Inverted method
Espresso-style method (using the Fellow Prismo attachment)
Cold brew (using the Puck Puck attachment)


Porlex Mini grinder and Aeropress coffee hacks by Lex Albrecht from eight Ounce coffee supplyAeropress Fellow espresso attachment from Eight ounce coffee supply and Lex Albrecht

Aeropress with Not Neutral coffee mug from Eight Ounce Coffee supplyAeropress coffee making from eight ounce coffee supply with KeepCup travel mug

Aeropress accessory Puck Puck for coldbrew coffee from eight ounce coffee supply lex albrechtColdbrew coffee puck puck for aeropress from Eight OUnce coffee supply


Timemore Nano Carrying kit:
If you are a true coffee lover, this should be your go-to whenever your destination has a kitchen stove.  It’s luxurious and has everything, including a precison-pour kettle.  There’s often a feeling of “roughing it” on the road, and that sacrifice wears on me over time.  I feel fancy with this kit, and heaven knows that a bit of luxury during weeks and sometimes months on the road is refreshing...

Timemore Nano Carrying kit at the airport Lex AlbrechtLex Albrecht with Prada gold frame glasses from Iris Visual Group and the Timemore Nano Carrying kit from eight ounce coffee supply

My espresso machine.
When I start really missing espresso, I know I have been away from home for too long. On the other hand, when I begin to get tired of espresso, I know it’s time for another trip.  It's fun to come back to my set-up, and though I keep my ACME mugs for my day-to-day coffees, I have fallen in love with Not Neutral's matte black cup selection.  The feel of the mugs are almost velvety, and there's something about the angles of the inside of the cup that makes the coffee flow out in a magical way...

Lex Albrecht's favourite Not Neutral coffee cups from eight ounce coffee supply

Lex Albrecht rancilio rocky grinder


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